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The Creek…

Standing nervously on a muddy embankment about a foot from the murky water, I realise that this anxiety causes my mind to run wild: visions of a saltwater croc exploding out of the dark water in front of me. How to incorporate this frightening feeling into my crime thriller? I am not writing about stalking crocodiles. STEALTH is about people who do bad things and good things. Are there any parallels between the villain and the crocodile? Yes. They both hunt by stealth, and unfortunately hunt to kill. A great basis to boost a crime thriller. Now I am thrilled to have gained inspiration from a simple fishing trip in North Queensland.

The Pub…

It is 1988, a long time ago. But I remember a big night out, on a Friday after a big day on the job. I am with a few mates who are equally enthused and drunk. The entertainment of the night is provided by a well known blues band; the hall is packed, the lights dimmed and getting a drink is nearly impossible. Being a little unsteady on my feet I feel the effects of a dozen schooners of beer. But next, I feel the sting from what appears to be a bottle-top. Then another, and another. I look around and spot a weird pair of eyes staring at me. Those eyes belong to a short-statured bloke, whose body I cannot see. My mate pulls at my arm and says, “looks like he’s itching for a blue, let’s go.” Another element for a crime thriller. What an inspiration.

My Inspiration…

My inspiration to write comes from a desire to tell a great story that will bind the reader to keep turning pages. I also write a story which is original and imaginative, but not unrealistic. I love to portray different characters, most types I have met in my life…OTHER THAN MARTIN! But I have read about the “Martins” of this world. It was a joy to shape the script of his life.

STEALTH, a great Australian crime thriller.