john hollenkamp author

John Hollenkamp takes his stories from snippets of real life.

In 1988, he was out with mates at the Mona Vale Hotel on Sydney’s northern beaches. It was a busy Friday night in the smoke-filled auditorium, and someone started flicking bottle-caps at him. The stranger was looking for a fight…

Several years ago, while waiting for a breakfast meal at a McDonald’s north of Brisbane, he watched as two police officers, one a female, entered the restaurant. The woman was tall, elegant and stunningly beautiful – she could have been a model, but models don’t wear a belt with a handgun and a copper’s kit

She became Cate Hawkins in Stealth. She was one helluva cop…

Today, John Hollenkamp’s first Australian crime thriller has a sequel – A Tropical Cure.

His stories are set in Australia, the country of great yarns, great beer, bloody good pubs, beautiful beaches and, let’s not forget, some of the deadliest wildlife in the world.

In days gone by, Hollenkamp was a painter while studying, a three-piece-suit marketing dude, a seller of facsimile equipment, a waiter in half-a-dozen restaurants, a cook in an Asian kitchen, a cocktail bartender in Amsterdam, and, finally, a tradie, a carpenter and builder.

It was in the latter profession where he met some of the most interesting characters and heard life’s greatest yarns at morning smoko over thirty plus years.

Taking inspiration from his fellow Aussies – larrikins, surfers, beer drinkers, bikies, brawlers, and, of course, stunning girls who aren’t afraid to speak their minds – he found a wealth of stories.

Why? Because there’s a little secret in everyone’s closet…