The Darren Mangan Thriller Series

It's official... The ending in STEALTH points to a continuation. A sequel was born: A TROPICAL CURE. Darren has to take up where he left off in STEALTH, find Eddie. In the second thriller, a host of new characters are created to enhance not only the plot, but to create a platform of wonderful characters, [...]

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Saltwater Crocodile: a basis for a good crime thriller?

A kid's fascination. I won't lie. The very first time I set eyes upon a 'dragon' was at a zoo in Indonesia. That beast was a Komodo Dragon, the largest of the lizards, still inhabiting a very small part of this world. I was absolutely fascinated by the size, and the majestic way it moved. [...]

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STEALTH-crime thriller: a cast of characters

Crime Thriller Cast In STEALTH, the cast is divided into groups, mostly consisting of two characters who are known to each other, either as friends or associates. These groups become connected with each other from events as the story progresses. In STEALTH, there is a common theme of what bonds the characters: loyalty.  As the [...]

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STEALTH-crime thriller excerpts

Preview...what did Horace find? A crime thriller evokes curiosity, a desire to see into the darkness, so here is a tidbit ... Excerpt from Chapter 18 STEALTH ... The sign said: Heathcote National Park; Horace Sjolker-Jones was relieved to unclip the dog-lead from his tan-coloured companion. Wilbur, the Weimaraner, pulled like a runaway train. On [...]

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Stealth – crime thriller inspirations

The Creek... Standing nervously on a muddy embankment about a foot from the murky water, I realise that this anxiety causes my mind to run wild: visions of a saltwater croc exploding out of the dark water in front of me. How to incorporate this frightening feeling into my crime thriller? I am not writing [...]

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STEALTH crime thriller – 1st edition

It's here! Indie publishing a crime thriller... The self-publishing road for any fiction or non-fiction work, including STEALTH crime thriller, is a very long and steep journey up a mountain which seems to keeping growing in size. The days of sending queries in the hope of finding a publisher willing to read your submission are [...]

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STEALTH – Crime Thriller Reviews

What do these crime thrillers have in common? A Norwegian storyteller in Australia. All three crime thrillers are fictional and play out in Australia. However, these crime thrillers are very different from each other. Both STEALTH and BLOOD SUNSET are written by Australian authors. THE BAT is set in Sydney but the story is created [...]

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Stealth – An Australian Crime Thriller

A life destined for writing crime thrillers. Dad was a Dutchman, from Germanic heritage. My mother was an ‘Indische Nederlander’, or Indo-Dutch, a description given to a culture and race born out of the inter-marrying of Dutch colonial settlers and the indigenous Indonesian people, since the Dutch East India Company arrived in Batavia ( now [...]

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