It’s here!

Indie publishing a crime thriller…

The self-publishing road for any fiction or non-fiction work, including STEALTH crime thriller, is a very long and steep journey up a mountain which seems to keeping growing in size. The days of sending queries in the hope of finding a publisher willing to read your submission are disappearing. As an aspirant author of crime thrillers I have little idea that the battle ahead is enormous. However, I am learning that the rewards are dormant in long pipelines. The rewards are in achieving milestones not only for sales but for the quality of those sales. The quality of sales are measured in positive ratings and reviews. So my first month as an indie publisher/author of a crime thriller has been glaring success. I am happy.

What is the point of difference in crime thriller writing?

Marketing professionals talk about point of difference. Most writers of the crime thriller genre have a formula which includes an expert detective and an unsolved mystery. In STEALTH I have avoided the ‘who dunnit’ part of the plot. In STEALTH, the development of characters and their interactions take centre stage. Events that entangle these characters into a web of intricacies turn STEALTH into a true crime thriller. In STEALTH, there are no superhumans, only grass-roots characters most of us can identify; either like or really despise.

The road ahead…

The road ahead holds the promise of STEALTH being a well appreciated story which will form the basis of my next crime thriller ( —- is halfway to completion ). Moreover, I want to surprise more readers with an entertaining story which is a departure from most crime thriller books. So I am hoping to get better at spreading the word! ┬áSTEALTH crime thriller – a brand new Australian work of fiction featuring a psychotic killer, a good-bloke cabdriver, a stunning detective “Cate”, a bad guy called Eddie and a couple of lads called Rafe and Nick.