Crime Thriller Cast

In STEALTH, the cast is divided into groups, mostly consisting of two characters who are known to each other, either as friends or associates. These groups become connected with each other from events as the story progresses. In STEALTH, there is a common theme of what bonds the characters: loyalty.  As the plot and sub-plots unfold we see how these relationships change, and react to the events that occur around them.  Of course, a central character by the name of Martin invades the lives of the cast by his cruel deeds. Thereby he starts a chain reaction of entanglements.

Not a standard crime thriller

There are many forms of crime thrillers: eg. police procedural with an investigator hero who solves crime. For instance, Australian author Gary Disher writes about D.I. Hal Challis, a Victorian police detective as his hero character.  In contrast, STEALTH is the first of the ‘adventures’ of an unlikely hero called, Darren Mangan, aka “Mango”.  Darren is a taxi-driver in Sydney who originates from North Queenland.  Ironically, he resembles the American actor, Tom Selleck, who stars in Magnum PI.  Darren’s life revolves around his taxi-driving job, and his connection to a bouncer-cum-debt collector, Johnno.  Darren’s loyalties to Johnno puts him on a fine line balancing between good and a little bad.

A crime thriller cast with a twist

STEALTH has no police detective as the number 1 hero.  However, there is a beautiful police investigator in the cast. Her name is Cate. And you will get to know her as well. Darren is the central character, although not a conventional hero. Darren’s pivotal role in STEALTH develops throughout the story. There is a transition in Darren’s life and causes him to embark on a journey of no return. Is revenge a good enough reason to kill?

The making of a new Aussie hero

Darren has to decide his path in life. The past events in his life catch up and affect how this will play out. What events finally tip the balance? The reluctant hero has to become the executioner of justice and punishment. Are they one and the same?

Darren’s journey is only just starting.