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It’s official…

The ending in STEALTH points to a continuation. A sequel was born: A TROPICAL CURE. Darren has to take up where he left off in STEALTH, find Eddie. In the second thriller, a host of new characters are created to enhance not only the plot, but to create a platform of wonderful characters, who provide a richness to the story. One of them is Joel Shallowater, an Indigenous rookie cop, with a sense of humour that’s dry and droll, and from time to time, piercing with its truth of reality. Joel becomes a perfect cohort to Darren’s occasional self-deprecating humour, and laconic outlook on life and its human presence. Neither characters would be considered to be politically correct, rather they are realists in the purest sense. It is this premise which encourages me as an author to turn them into characters of endurance. Darren Mangan is Australia’s new ‘hero’; in fact, ‘anti-hero’ may be a better description. 

The Darren Mangan Thriller Series…

Has a nice ring to it. I love it.

To follow up I decided to change the STEALTH book cover, in consultation with my principal advisor, mentor and friend, Duncan Carling-Rodgers, to create a recognizable brand when we colluded on the new book cover for A TROPICAL CURE. The result is stunning, at least I think so. In line with these thoughts is born the realisation that I have set myself up for a huge task: bring further to life this great Aussi character, called Darren Mangan. He is a simple man with traits not unlike many others, but a man with faults ( ones we can forgive of course… he is after all, the good guy! ) and great moral backbone, which is based on fairness, equality and natural justice. Darren is not a crusader. Darren is the bloke who finds himself standing on the edge of the cliff looking down at a person whose fingers are barely holding on to a ledge, before they fall to a horrible death. If you’re a friend, you’re in luck. If you’re a foe, Darren will chop off those very fingers grasping the ledge.


STEALTH features an “anti-hero” creature. Crocodylus porosus, the saltwater crocodile of Australia’s tropical north is one of the most feared creatures that lives in close proximity to the human population in North & Far North Queensland, not to forget the other Northern regions of Australia. The tropical waters in Queensland are teeming with things that will kill or maim, or just plain hurt the hell out of you…Box Jellyfish, the tiny Irukandji marine stinger, Blue Bottles, Blue-ringed Octopus, Stonefish, and then there’s the sharks, Bull Sharks and Tiger Sharks.

Oh, … then there’s the creatures on land.  Tiger snakes, Brown snakes, Death adders ( can’t even see those bastards camouflaged in the leaf matter! ) and Taipans.

Not to forget the SPIDERS!

I love incorporating creatures in my stories. There is a different “anti-hero” creature in both STEALTH and A TROPICAL CURE. It’s a bit of a reminder that we do not live alone, that we are vulnerable to dangers, and we should respect these dangers, or rather, these creatures.

What’s next? …

I am currently writing the third Darren Mangan Thriller. Our Aussie hero finds himself in a dangerous situation he never imagined could happen. How can these idiots think this way? A question Darren could not answer.